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I strongly suggest their EA. Numerous testing on my account I can confirm that they are one of the only forex robots that make money in the long term. Other robots I have used in the past only worked for a short time then stopped, but scion forex autotrader one is very consistent and profitable. Scion Forex must have a lot of professional traders on their team. I would even consider purchasing a yearly membership, that is how much I trust their robot.

- RAJ VIPUL from India 



I decided to give this a try since all my friends have done well with it. The first day I installed this robot I made 53 pips. I really like the way it is structured for example the news protections and so on. Looking forward to using their service forever I hope.




When I first visited their website I thought maybe it was just like many other forex services that promise things that do not happen but wow was I off. Scion Forex is by far the best forex company to ever deal with to manage your trading account. There are only two people I trust in forex, my broker and Scion Forex.. A++++




Indeed really, this robot is one to keep. It has a very reasonable monthly or weekly price but it is well worth it since the returns pay for itself. I have no regrets dealing with Scion Forex. Robot is profitable and consistent. Thank you guys very much for your excellent work in helping us traders.




Very good service!!! Sorry if my English but I will tell everyone they are very good. I am amazed to see them on my forex accounts. With many trading systems I purchased all require some sort of learning but with this one, everything is done for you by robot. You don't need to do anything! I will increase my lost size so that I can make 500 dollar a pip!(one day) XD

- IGOR YAGOSLAV from Russia



I am a single mom with 3 kids and I needed an second income because I am divorced. I discovered Scion Forex after doing some searching and I gave it a try. I cannot express enough how thankful I am that I found them. I have zero knowledge of forex and I needed someone to manage my live account so when I saw that they offered a robot, I was so relieved that I can finally make money from trading without worry.

- VALERIE MORRIS from Canada



This company is very kind. I am from Africa and not too many forex companies like to have africans as customers but they offer so many methods of payment that I finally can finally profit with forex and it is all thanks to them. God bless them!

- OLALU SUDWE from Africa



The integtrity of this company is high. I am using Scion Forex Autotrader on my Live MT4 account. I rate them 10/10. Support and customer support is extremely good. Their EA is very profitable. Most of the trades are winners. I would love to continue my membership with Scion Forex.

- KINWU FHANG from China





Great service, great staff and amazing robot. It fits in your account instantly and no skills or knowledge is required. For those who are brand new to trading, and who does not want to learn the technical I would highly suggest this robot.

- IAN BROWELL from Australia