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Scion Forex offers you the chance to have your forex account managed by our powerful automated software optimized for making profits. All you have to do is attach our forex robot on your Metatrader chart and leave it running. You will see profits being built on your account while you are enjoying doing whatever you wish. You can literally set it and forget it with our software. Our robot does everything. It is an actual traders dream come true. Our thousands of subscribers worldwide are benefiting from our service, even traders who are absolute newbies are making more that professional traders. When you let a professional forex account management service like us manage your account, you can expect solid growth in your account. Imagine, over 140 of some of the most experienced talented traders are managing your account through a robot that can be attached on your MT4 within 2 seconds. Everything will be done directly on your platform in the privacy of your PC. When you use our Scion Forex Autotrader robot, it is exactly like using any other forex robot but of course.... much better!!

In short, here are the steps to using our service.

1. Sign up

2. Download and install our forex robot for MT4

3. Use your registered username and password to log in

4. Leave the platform running. You can learn about the inputs here.

It does not get any easier than this and that is a literal fact!

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