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Frequently Asked Questions                

What is Scion Forex and what do you provide for traders?

Scion Forex is a Forex Account Management providing service that automatically executes trades on your account using a specialized EA that we provide you. Our mission is to grow your account slowly but surely.

Why did you decide to open up this company if you are trading already?

Our mission is to offer an account management service for a fraction of the price as our competitors and outperform them all. This way people with a tight budget can trade like a professional without spending much. The best part is, it is all AUTOMATED. Our EA will manage your account and grow your balance as time goes on.

Do I need to split my earnings with Scion Forex?

NO! Absolutely not. Using our service is exactly like using any other robot. We have no access to your funds. You place it on your MT4 chart and we manage your account. That is what our job is. Of course all of the profits made by our service will be yours.

Will I need to share my MT4 login details with Scion Forex?

NO. You do not have to share your account details with us ever. Once again using our service is exactly like using any EA you have used. Just add it to the chart. Our EA will manage your account fully in the privacy of your own PC.

What is your style of trading?

We have numerous styles of trading and each style will depend on the current market condition. What most traders don't realize is that all strategies cannot work in all conditions of the market. That is why one must have a separate adjustment strategy. We have our own special techniques.

When will your EA execute trades on my account?

The forex market is open 24 hours and our experts are always looking to take the next fastest trade. A trade can be taken at anytime of day. Important: You must keep your MT4 platform running at all times.

 Do you take news into factor?

Yes we do. The markets are heavily driven by news a well and we always keep a lookout on what is going on in the world. We also provide free Bloomberg TV for everyone so they can have the news running in the background.

How are you different from the rest?

Firstly, our programmers are the BEST in the world. We have hired the most talented coders who have developed software who till this date, no one has ever been able to break their algo's. It took years to build our autotrading structure as each and every aspect of it was made with precision and care. We use "Military Grade" security and "Bank Level" grade engineering in our software so no broker can see any formulas at all and stability is rock solid. Scion Forex has a very different approach to trading. We have our special combination of factors that have come with great practice and experience.

How many trades will be taken in a day?

We try and take as many trades as possible on your account, but we also make sure that they are the safest entries possible. Depending on market conditions, 1-3 trades or even more can be taken in one day but there can be days when no trades are taken.

What is a "Straddle Trade"?

A Straddle Trade is a trade that involves placing a buy and sell order which are both above and below the current markets price. One of those orders will get triggered and breakout even further in that direction which is when we make our profits. Also, after the order is triggered we cancel the other order.

How do I Cancel my account?

If you no longer want to use our service, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will fulfill your request as soon as possible.

Can you remote to my PC and set everything up for me?

Yes. If you request us to remote to your PC and install/setup everything for you, we will do this for you.

Do you offer customer support?

Absolutely. We provide A+ customer support. You can try us on live chat or e-mail us anytime.

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